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Pipe Fixing Systems

BISMAT® Flash – Clamps for metal pipes BIS starQuick® – Self-closing clamps
BISOFIX® – Clamps with insulation shell
BIS DobyGrip – alternative to chains


BIS RapidRail® Fixing System – For all light and medium rail applications
BIS RapidStrut® – For all middle heavy and heavy rail applications

Support for Rooftops

BIS Yeti® is a modular system to support installations on flat roofs, other flat surfaces and even on low pitched roofs

Spring steel clips

Britclips® Tiger – for static loads, single use and non relocatable
Britclips® FC – for a solid fixing to steel construction without the need for welding or drilling


Clamps-SA is a division of Better Installation Systems PTY (LTD)
Importer of WALRAVEN Clamps in South Africa

Clamps SA, a level 4 BEE accredited company that has been trading for 10 plus years. We are the distributor of Walraven’s fixing and fire protection systems in South Africa. Walraven supplies their high quality products to tens of thousands of installation companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. The Walraven Group, with its headquarters in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, prides itself on developing and implementing innovative technical ideas that save time during installation and ensure reliability over time.

  • WALRAVEN Clamps

    Best Quality - Great Prices

  • BIS Fixing Systems

    contains products for plumbing, mechanical services, solar and electrotechnical installations.

  • BIS Fire Protection Systems

    consists of a wide range of sealing products for passive fire protection of mechanical and electrical installations.

  • BIS Sanitary Systems

    Not sold at this stage.


The Walraven Group, with its headquarters in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, is an internationally active enterprise with its own production facilities and sales offices in various countries.


BIS Industrial Clamps

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