Superlon Insulation (Lagging)

June 10, 2016


Elastometric Closed Cell Tubing and Sheet Insulation Material

Superlon is a lightweight and flexible elastomeric (polymer with viscosity and elasticity) foam designed for thermal Insulation. Superlon is available in tubing or sheet form and in a variety of colours. The sheets are available in standard pre-cut sizes or in rolls. Extruded flexible tubing is specially designed to fit the standard diameters of steel and copper pipes.



Superlon’s expanded closed cell structure provides an effective vapour barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water and refrigeration lines.

Superlon also retards heat loss for hot water plumbing and heating, duel temperature piping and solar systems, irregularly shaped vessels, air-ducts and large diameter pipes.


  • Low thermal conductivity (0.034W/mK) which makes it highly efficient and effective in
    the insulation of cooling or heating systems.
  • The thermal blister closed cell structure forms an impermeable layer which is in itself a
    good vapour barrier.
  • It is suitable for application within the temperature range of – 40˚C to + 105˚C. The
    material is flame retardant and has been specially compounded to be self extinguishing
    by nature.
  • Superlon has excellent ozone and ultraviolet resistance.
  • It is CFC, asbestos, chlorine and fibre free and does not cause skin allergies.
  • It is also inert to most chemical agents and neutral to pipe metals.
  • The extreme flexibility of the material makes insulation fast, easy and economical.
  • It is able to withstand tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions.
  • Less space is needed for Superlon as thinner wall thicknesses are required due to its
    low K value as compared to alternative insulation materials.
  • The smooth surface of Superlon material gives the finished installation a neat and
    aesthetic appearance. No coating is necessary on most indoor installations.
  • For ease of installation we have added an adhesive strip that is easy to peal and seal.